Step Into His Life

The Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience

The Van Gogh Museum and their commercial partner Artcomm conceived the idea of a touring exhibition which would take Van Gogh’s story around the world.

They had the ambition to reach audiences who couldn’t easily visit Amsterdam and places where it could be difficult to tour original artworks. Event was selected as part of an international creative competition to design and deliver the experience which became The Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience. ​

A key challenge was to tell the famous story of Van Gogh’s life in a fresh way. The concept took its cue from the language of cinema and used the familiar trope of the dramatic flashback.The first sound visitors hear is the gunshot sounding out over the Wheatfield in Arles.The rest of the experience is conceived as a series of scenes from his life.

Event’s spatial and narrative approach was inspired by the phenomenon of promenade theatre, where images, projection, props and setwork combine to create environments which visitors step into and are immersed by the story.

Location footage and period images are combined with his paintings and drawings to engage visitors in place and time. Event created 3D theatrical set work in each space inspired by details of his paintings and elements of the real landscapes and environments. Visitors can touch, sit, and play – becoming part of the scene. ​

The opening of the exhibition took place in Beijing on June 16, 2016. Hosted by Wai Chun Culture, attended by the Dutch Ambassador to China and with music from the International Asia Music Philharmonic Orchestra - the Van Gogh Museum’s first venture to China is considered to be a huge success.


THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement - Immersive Touring Museum Exhibit 2017

Project type


Scope of works

  • Interpretative Planning
  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction




International Travelling Exhibition


2015 - 2016

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