Event provides a complete range of specialist design and support services:

  • Strategy and Feasibility more

    The development of existing and potential resources is the subject of Strategy and Feasibility Studies. The Strategy Study creates guidelines which integrate various development steps into a process and leads to the realisation of an overall vision. The Feasibility Study is a more detailed examination of these steps, providing a description of works and milestones, together with programme and cost estimates. Staffing, operating revenues and costs are frequently included through the preparation of a Business Plan.

    Event considers issues of feasibility when envisioning a core attraction in the light of the competitive market, audience research, positioning, operations and ambition.

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  • Masterplanning more

    Masterplanning a project of scale is key to the design process and provides inspiration and guidance for further development. Event begins by clearly defining goals, aims and constraints in order to provide a robust platform for development. Collections are evaluated and critical operational questions of capacity and flow – back of house and public spaces – budget, programme, working relationships and interfaces are addressed. Time spent on this groundwork ensures the client’s aspirations and messages are tested, strengthened and successfully translated through subsequent development stages.

    Outputs often include preparation of briefs for the procurement of the overall project design team.

    Event’s capacity to visualise with clarity and elegance is well recognised.

  • Interpretive Planning more

    Interpretive Planning is the cornerstone of Event’s approach. Our philosophy views exhibition design as first and foremost a communication exercise. Key questions at the beginning of every project include What needs to be said? To whom? The interpretive plan, design and display concepts develop naturally from identifying target audiences,storylines, objects, themes and messages to be communicated.

    Event’s team of professional interpreters play an important role in every project. Their task is not only to explore and organise content but, working as a ‘bridge’ between expert and designer, to develop memorable ways in which stories can be told and artefacts interpreted.

  • Funding Bid Support more

    Event has long experience of involving and enthusing potential sponsors from both corporate and public sectors, with specific expertise in Heritage Lottery Fund bid support.

    The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham was the first major HLF/ERDF project to be undertaken and Event was proactively involved in developing the transparent systems and mechanisms by which design teams work within HLF requirements. Since then we have provided bid support to over forty key HLF and Millennium Landmark projects.

    Taking these projects forward has given Event’s staff invaluable experience of navigating the various stages of development and fulfilling HLF’s exacting requirements. We are confident our insights and experience can make a real contribution to successful funding bids.

  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction more

    Creative success requires empathy with a client’s vision, audience insight, aesthetic sensibility and the bold use of multi-disciplinary techniques. Combining these elements into an original, involving and well-balanced whole depends on the inspiration, energy and experience which Event brings to a project.

    Spatial allocation and relationships, scale, harmony, vistas and supporting detailing are all considered. Visitor flow requires careful consideration to establish logic, variety, ease of access and a sense of completeness. Balance between an institution’s key objects and stories is a central aspect of planning.

    Event’s drawing and specification packages combine creativity with a real understanding of technique and materials. Our designers input to programme and cost planning. They creatively direct production, fabrication and commissioning, off and on site, and remain available to ensure design continuity over the years.

  • Graphic Design more

    Event creates environments which communicate at many levels, with a significant contribution coming from the sophistication of our graphic support. Graphics are developed as an integral element of the overall design, supporting the narrative while unifying and tying displays together.

    Our graphics team understands the complex demands made on exhibition graphics for clarity, legibility, access and aesthetic appeal. They appreciate the interfaces and dependencies between graphic elements, display systems and the layout and presence of objects.

    Event offers a full range of Graphic Design services, from corporate identity through exhibition graphics and multimedia, to printwork and signage.

  • Media Direction more

    Recognised within the exhibition world for innovative use of audiovisual and new media, Event’s staff has wide experience of generating concepts and integrating the results into an exhibition environment with proven technology. Stunning audiovisual presentations are a hallmark of Event – our passion for and commitment to narrative are manifest.

    The commissioning and direction of bespoke hardware and software solutions is a key area of our remit. Many Event projects have applied mobile technology to enhance the visitor experience, ranging from PDAs and phone based apps, to RFID ticketing and other electronic dating tagging.

  • Contract Management more

    Event’s project managers use the experience and insights gained from working on a wide variety of exhibition projects to support the delivery of the total plan.

    From day one, Event’s project manager shares and advises on areas of opportunity and risk – to optimise the one and reduce or eliminate the other. These include potential cost savings, a creative approach to programming and advice on procurement.

    Our project managers offer insight into the critical interface between basebuild and exhibition. They manage the complex integration of specialist suppliers and contractors over production and installation.

  • Construction Management more

    The process of exhibition delivery is intricate, with varying lead times for a series of independent works packages and a complex relationship with basebuild. Construction Management, through a skilled and experienced practitioner, is an effective way to maximise quality and optimise programme and cost.

    Event’s construction managers programme and manage information flow as well as the procurement process. They appoint contractors, select and produce contract documents, prepare budget breakdowns, cost reports and cash flow projections, certify contractor valuations for client payment, approve works and issue certificates.

    The process is completely transparent to the client, on whose behalf we act.

  • Design and Construct more

    Under Design and Construct, Event takes single point responsibility for designing, managing, planning and delivering the entire exhibition project within the agreed scope, budget and programme.

    In effect, Event relieves the client of development risk.