02 March 2023

Abrahamic Family House Opens to the Public


We are delighted that the Abrahamic Family House officially opened to visitors. The Abrahamic Family House encompasses a mosque, a church, a synagogue, and a Forum where visitors are invited to participate in a unique environment, including religious services, tours, festivals, and opportunities to explore issues around faith.

We worked in partnership with Squint Opera, alongside Image Nation and Miral, to create media for three installations and enhanced soundscapes for the exhibition in the Abrahamic Family House Forum. The media installations look in turn at journeys of faith through everyday lives, the symbolism of light, the importance of the word and coming together in places of worship. They each express moments of shared experience across the three Abrahamic faiths and are deeply underpinned by the core messages of mutual respect, empathy and tolerance promoted by the Abrahamic Family House. The powerful media provides moving, emotional, and spiritual content that is contemplative and mesmeric. They grow from and respond to the simplicity and beauty of the architecture - designed by Ghanaian-British architect David Adjaye.