17 October 2022

King Charles Officially Reopens the Burrell Collection

Image: Glasgow Life


The Burrell Collection has officially reopened with a visit from King Charles. The museum reopened to the public in March 2022, but the King's visits marks the official opening date. The King spoke to a range of people involved in the refurbishment project, including curators, trustees and Esther Dugdale, our Creative Director.

The official opening has given us a chance to reflect on the Burrell's success over the past few months. In particular, it has been excellent learning about the increase in visitor numbers — the museum has seen more visitors pass through its doors in the past three months than in the entire last year before it closed for refurbishment. The entire museum — from the exterior building down to the individual display cases — has been praised for its sustainable design. Meanwhile, many of the Burrell's incredible collections, which the public has not seen for decades, are now on permanent display thanks to a 35% increase in the gallery space. The collections, across the board, are now interpreted with inclusivity at their core - including tactile interactives and hands-on displays which give visitors a better understanding of the artworks and the people who made them.

Watch highlights from the King's visit here.