11 May 2021

Naturalis Named European Museum of the Year 2021


One of the most prestigious awards in our industry

Naturalis has been named European Museum of the Year 2021. Naturalis opened its doors in 2019 and was visited by 275,000 people in its first four months alone.

We began working with the Naturalis team in 2014 and were responsible for redesigning their dinosaur gallery. The museum team challenged us to do something bold and daring that would leave a lasting impression and help secure their place at the vanguard of natural history museums. We turned to the world of theatre and film to create an immersive environment that brought the dinosaur skeletons back to life.

Masterfully executed.

European Museum of the Year awarding jury

The European Museum of the Year jury praised Naturalis for its 'beautiful exhibitions [which engage] visitors with compelling ways and invite us to feel strong emotions about the world... [the galleries] are grounded on the “Big Five” mix of educational principles: wonder and curiosity; use of real objects, focus on real situations, and engagement by real researchers; relevance of nature for each visitor; inquisitive approach to learning; and encouragement of a science-aware attitude in search of truth and knowledge about the world.'

On receiving the award, Caroline Breunesse, from Naturalis, thanked us and explained that 'the jury report was full of praise in all areas of our institute: collection, digitization, storytelling, innovation, building, exhibitions, staff, etc. The dinosaur gallery is one of the most popular exhibits, thanks to you!'

The dinosaur gallery is one of the most popular exhibits, thanks to you.

Caroline Breunesse, Naturalis team