15 March 2023

Oman Across Ages Opens to the Public


We're celebrating a momentous day today. The Oman Across Ages museum is opening its doors to the public after many years of development.

We began working with the museum team back in 2014 when the museum was nothing more than an idea. From a blank sheet of paper, we developed a proposition, consulted with the Royal Court, created the architectural masterplan and designed the museum, turning the Sultan’s vision into a reality.

The sheer scale of the building is something to behold. It includes galleries, a library, an auditorium, cafés and social and research spaces. The permanent exhibition space alone is 9,000 square metres and some galleries stretch more than 20 metres high.

The museum takes you on a vast, sweeping journey through time. Starting with the first settlers of prehistory and ending in modern-day Oman, you fly through different ages, dynasties and civilisations.

The centrepiece of the museum is a monumental installation of towering pillars that act as a powerful celebration of the dawn of Oman's Renaissance.