18 April 2022

Transforming Glasgow


Written by Esther Dugdale, Creative Director

The Burrell Collection put Glasgow on the international architectural map in 1983 when it opened. It heralded the start of a generational renewal of Glasgow’s museums – that has come full circle with the re-opening of The Burrell in 2022. In 1990 Glasgow was one of the first European Capitals of Culture. Known previously as a gritty post-industrial city with major social challenges, Glasgow recharged and gained recognition as a creative and cultural centre, of European importance. Glasgow started a major regeneration of its museums – starting with the People’s Palace, St Mungo’s Museum of Religion and GOMA. The second wave saw the total refurbishment of Kelvingrove, the relocation of the stores to the Resource Centre and the creation of the new Riverside Museum. The Burrell is the third wave.

Image: Riverside Museum

Image: Kelvingrove, Creatures of the Past Gallery

Sustainability has been key to all three major projects Event has delivered with Glasgow – Kelvingrove, Riverside and the Burrell. All have been delivered to engage and re-engage Glasgow audiences through a story-based approach to the collections and through the development of fully flexible display systems that go far beyond the usual extent of flexibility in museum displays. For each we have developed a display system that is true to its setting.

Images: Flexible design system at The Burrell Collection

Sustainability has been particularly critical to the renewal of the Burrell Collection at every level – re-engineering the building envelope and the technical systems to deliver a viable and efficient building, improving physical access and public facilities, forging greater connection with the park, ensuring a visitor experience for diverse audiences, improving the quality and extent of display of the collections and creating a flexible display system that allows Glasgow to continue to adapt and rotate the collection. All whilst maintaining the essential quality, aesthetics and atmosphere of the building.

The Burrell was on the verge of closing – it is now revitalised for another generation, its future assured once more.

Images: The Burrell Collection

Written by Esther Dugdale

We have given visitors new opportunities to enjoy and fresh ways to appreciate the Collection, in harmony with The Burrell’s seminal architecture and natural setting.

Esther Dugdale, Creative Director