22 December 2022

We Have Been Appointed to Help Deliver the Glenbow Reimagined Project


We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed by the Glenbow Museum to help deliver their Glenbow Reimagined project.

The project will completely transform the museum, seeing it become radically accessible while reshaping the relationship between community, arts and culture. The new gallery spaces will accommodate large-scale exhibitions and installations, with a great focus on technology to create more engaging experiences.

We have been appointed to deliver the exhibition design, creative direction, interpretation, graphic concept and detail design service, wayfinding and signage as well as exhibition lighting.

Find out more about the project here.

Images: Dialog

The revitalized Glenbow is going to have an outsized impact on downtown Calgary. It will be a tent pole to show the cultural revitalization happening in this city; it is a tangible example of us investing in our future.

Irfhan Rawji, Glenbow Reimagined Campaign Co-Chair