Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition at the Kuwait Oil Company Visitor Centre Due to Open This Autumn

Event is delighted to announce that the new Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition will open early this Autumn at the Kuwait Oil Company Visitor Center, a landmark building in the heart of the Al Ahmadi oil campus.

​Event was tasked with creating a world-class attraction designed to appeal to a wide audience that includes families, school groups, Kuwaiti government leaders and visiting Heads of State. Nine interactive exhibition spaces form an integral part of the building. The exhibition explores the early history of oil exploration in Kuwait, the rise of the Kuwait Oil Company and the heroism of Kuwaiti and international firefighters in extinguishing around 700 oil-well fires ignited by the retreating Iraqi Army during the First Gulf War in 1991.

Named after Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber, the former ruler of Kuwait, this new exhibition will continue the Center’s legacy in educating Kuwaitis and visitors about the country’s involvement with oil. Using the latest interactive technology, the dramatic exhibits tell an exciting story about the extraordinary world of oil, a precious resource that powers our lives, from its origins within rocks deep underground to the millions of barrels shipped around the world.

A key aim of the exhibition is to encourage young people to explore careers in the oil industry. Meet the Experts, an interactive spine of multimedia exhibits threaded throughout the exhibition, enables visitros to personalize their access to detailed and industry-relevant content. The experts include a Geoscientist, Health and Safety Manager, Control Centre Supervisor, Tanker Pilot and Firefighter, each of whom explains the nature of their job and sets young visitors a series of challenges that test whether they have what it takes to work in the oil industry. The Meet the Experts trail culminates in the Your Oil - Your Future Gallery, where young visitors identify their potential future role in the industry.

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