Image - April Talks by Event Creative Director Katherine Skellon

April Talks by Event Creative Director Katherine Skellon

February 24, 2014

April will see Katherine Skellon dash from a conference in London to one in Leicester. The first, at Central Saint Martins, is ‘Chaos in the Museum’ and considers designing for audience participation. The second takes its lead from ‘Transforming Thresholds’, the University of Leicester’s research into museum foyers.

‘Chaos in the Museum’ runs from the 25th to the 27th of April. It is hosted by Central Saint Martins’ Spatial Practice Programme, in partnership with the University of California Davis. An international conference, it is the first in a series of annual summits exploring the fast-changing world of exhibition design.

The full programme has now been published and includes an exciting selection of exhibition designers, specialist software developers, architects, museum professionals and more. Explore the programme here

On the 28-29th April Katherine will be in Leicester, where she has been invited to speak by the University of Leicester’s Museum Studies Department. The conference is themed around their ‘Transforming Thresholds’ project.

For ‘Transforming Thresholds’ researchers worked with museums including the Petrie, New Walk Museum and Chatsworth House to investigate how visitors experience foyer spaces, and to consider how different types of media might help them navigate the museum more effectively. The conference will see professionals from different disciplines bringing their thoughts to the subject.

In her talk, Katherine will examine different entrance spaces that seek to make a strong impression on visitors, transporting them out of their day-to-day context and priming them for what is to come. Katherine will look beyond museums for her case studies, she says: ‘Stockholm’s public library is a great example of an entrance experience that prepares visitors for the place they are about to enter. It filters out the hustle and bustle of the street, creating a calming, almost ceremonial journey towards the library’s interior.’

The conference will also be an opportunity for Katherine to find out more about what the research has uncovered. ‘Transforming Thresholds’ went further than simply evaluating existing spaces and developed different approaches for its partner institutions to test. With experts in gaming, performance, videos, web design, augmented reality and more, there are sure to be interesting results.

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