Image - Belfast and its Causeway Coast top the new Lonely Planet Guide

Belfast and its Causeway Coast top the new Lonely Planet Guide

The New Lonely Planet guide is out and Belfast and its Causeway Coast have been voted the best region in the world to visit in 2018, sitting atop the Greek Aeolian Islands, Slovenia’s Julian Alps and Japan’s Kii Peninsula.

Event knows the area well – having delivered both Titanic Belfast – voted World’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2017 – and the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre. The Giant’s Causeway is a visitor destination with a range of stories to tell. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is made of over 40,000 basalt columns. Event’s interpretative strategy for the visitor centre was founded on three key components: People and their Stories, in particular the mythology associated with Finn McCool; Formation and Shaping, with an accent on the special geology of the area; and the Natural Environment, a chance to appreciate the rich flora, fauna and natural beauty of the site and its hinterland.

Within the city, Titanic Belfast stands as recent evidence of Event‘s thirst for innovation, a ground breaking example of a huge spectrum of interpretive media. The technologies deployed to make is stories compelling to contemporary audiences are appropriate to its context and facilitate layered interpretation by generating multiple entry points for visitors with very different backgrounds, needs and interests.

When Event embarked on designing Titanic Belfast, the Harland and Wolff shipyards – once the biggest and busiest in the world - were a shadow of their former selves. The objectives of Belfast City Council, the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and Titanic Quarter Ltd were to develop a landmark visitor attraction that would attract a global audience and contribute, not just to the regeneration of a derelict area, but to the reimagining of Belfast as an energetic and creative 21st century city.

Event’s exhibition and Eric Kuhne’s landmark building have become the cultural nucleus of one of the world’s largest waterfront regeneration projects. Titanic Belfast has been heralded by public and press, been the subject of academic research on the use of public space in post-conflict areas, and won numerous awards.

It’s great to see this region continue to be recognised on an international scale!