Image - The Restoration of Bletchley Park

The Restoration of Bletchley Park

Event is thrilled to see the response that Bletchley Park's restoration project is getting around the globe.

Until the 1980s, Bletchley Park was Britain’s “best kept secret”. Work at the Codebreaking centre in Buckinghamshire during WW2 broke the Germans’ codes and ciphers including the legendary Enigma, providing the allies with information that is said to have helped shorten the war by two years.

Bletchley Park has now been restored as part of an £8 million Heritage Lottery funded project. The restoration has transformed the derelict wartime Codebreaking Huts into a world-class museum and visitor attraction.

Today sees the Duchess of Cornwall visiting the site to mark the completion of this four-year-long restoration project.

Event’s Senior Designer on the project, Steve Lumby and Interpreter Alex Fitzsimmons were on BBC 3 Counties discussing how this complex story is made accessible - check out the interview here.

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