Image - Event Communications Wins Competition for Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Event Communications Wins Competition for Hans Christian Andersen Museum

​On 2nd April the City of Odense officially announced the winners of the Content and Architectural Competitions for the future Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales - Event Communications and Kengo Kuma Architects with Cornelius+Vöge Architects, MASU Planning Landscape Architects and Eduard Troelsgård Engineers.

The Content Competition was held in 2015 when Event’s winning concept was described by the Jury as “an inspiring and highly coherent fairytale world” based on the idea of a Forest of Fairytales within the House of Fairytales. Event’s interpretive display proposal formed the basis of the international architectural competition which followed.

Kengo Kuma’s winning design remains close to Event’s original concept, utilising natural materials to mirror the Forest of Fairytales concept. This process, where the foundation of the architectural development is the exhibition design, is one of the project’s strengths, according to Jane Jegind, Odense’s Alderwoman for Urban and Cultural Affairs.

The new building will have a floor space of 5,600 square metres, two-thirds of which will be established underground to create a magical garden space in the centre of Odense.

Celestine Phelan, Executive Chair of Event, says “The Hans Christian Andersen project is a fairytale for Event – an exhibition telling stories about a storyteller and his tales. We are eagerly anticipating working with the City of Odense and the Kengo Kuma team to bring it to realisation.”