Image - Event Named Exhibition Designer for the Canterbury Journey

Event Named Exhibition Designer for the Canterbury Journey

After a highly competitive tender process, Event Communications has been named as Exhibition Designer for the £19.4 million Canterbury Journey, an ambitious project that will radically improve the accessibility and sustainability of Canterbury Cathedral. It will safeguard an iconic building which embodies England’s story, increase the number and broaden the range of those who journey to it, and enrich their experience.

Canterbury Cathedral, a Grade I listed historic building of immense national and international importance, is a global focus for Anglican worshippers. The Mother Church of the Anglican Communion and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, it attracts over a million visitors a year as a holy site and as part of a World Heritage site.

Event’s interpretive masterplan brings together four themes that explore the Cathedral’s role as a destination and site for faith journeys, its longstanding traditions as a living community, an exemplar of outstanding craft skills, and a historic focal point for English national statecraft.

Proposals for the conservation of the site will ensure a more resilient future and act as a catalyst for wider community involvement. A new visitor centre will transform how the Cathedral engages with people across the faith spectrum and will tell the story of this precious religious site. A wide range of activities on-site and off-site will help engage a more diverse array of people through informal and formal learning. Four apprenticeships will additionally enable craftspeople to pass on their expertise to ensure future generations have the required skills to sustain a historic building of this nature.

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