Event to design the new National Marine Centre in North Berwick

"Developing the already successful Seabird Centre into a National Marine Centre is an inspired idea. All around the world there is an understanding that the oceans are an integral element of the earth's survival, yet we are unaware of another project that will have the proposed focus this Centre will have.

Event is very excited to be given the opportunity to build upon the success of the Seabird Centre and provide a series of dynamic displays that will invite audiences to enjoy and understand Scotland's remarkable marine life, as well as highlight the important research and conservation work that is being undertaken."

- Steve Simons, Executive Creative Director, Event Communications

​Event is excited to work on the National Marine Centre - an important project spearheaded by the Scottish Seabird Centre that will explore Scotland’s amazing marine habitat and species.

Grace Martin, Project Director for the National Marine Centre, said: “The National Marine Centre presents an opportunity for the Seabird Centre not only to diversify, but to meet the demand for education and conservation programmes, new activities and events, as well as enhancing the exhibition space. Event has a fantastic track record and it is great to bring their wealth of experience to the project. They really understand the necessity to attract new audiences, but also take our current supporters on the journey with us as the National Marine Centre develops.”.

More information is available here.