Image - Feasibility of a Venetian Cultural Venue

Feasibility of a Venetian Cultural Venue

Event’s client, Mario Alvera, came to us with a big idea for a new cultural venue in Veneto, Italy’s most visited region and home to Venice.

Event’s challenge was to test the feasibility of this proposal and explore how it might be realized in a set of disused and partially derelict farm buildings at Palazzetto.Central to this analysis was an assessment of the likely capital investment required to renovate the buildings, the strength of the potential visitor market, the extent of the competitive environment and the likely cost of operations, as well as shaping the vision for what this cultural offer might be.

James Alexander and Lucie Branczik have just returned from Venice where they presented their findings and their proposed re-use for the site’s historic spaces. Event is thrilled to have contributed to this project and is looking forward to continuing work to make this a reality.​