Image - Design Kicks Off on House of Fairytales

Design Kicks Off on House of Fairytales

Last week, Event’s designers and Kengo Kuma Architects met at Event’s London studio for an integrated design kick-off meeting on what will surely be one of the world’s most ambitious and extraordinary museum design projects – the Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales Museum.

Located on the site of the celebrated Danish author’s house in Odense, Denmark, the bulk of the 5,600m2 museum will be built underground, and will consist of a series of immersive chambers, trails and interactive exhibits that bring this master storyteller’s tales to life.

Kengo Kuma’s stunning proposal for the new building - winner of an international architectural competition based on Event’s own winning experiential proposition – is a brilliant response to the daring vision of Event’s interpretive story tellers. Present at the kick off meeting were members of the Hans Christian Andersen Museum team, whose determination to produce a museum worthy of this nationally important and quintessentially European writer’s imagination has so inspired the project. ​

Following the meeting, the entire team are visiting two of Event’s benchmark projects: Titanic Belfast and the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway, Scotland.