Image - HLF Round One Success for Nottingham Castle

HLF Round One Success for Nottingham Castle

Congratulations to Nottingham on the Castle’s successful Round One Heritage Lottery Fund application. The HLF have earmarked £12.9million for the Castle’s plans to refurbish and extend its galleries, improve access to the caves, put in a lift to connect the top of Castle Rock and the Museum in Brewhouse Yard and to build a new visitor centre at the entrance to the Castle grounds.

​Last autumn saw Event work closely with the curatorial team, architects Purcell and project managers Focus Consultants to develop the bid. A series of workshops about the city, the collections and the Castle’s fascinating history, combined with exploring the grounds and caves shaped the designs. The proposed scheme will bring to life 1000 years of history on the site, with a special focus on the themes of rebellion and creativity.

The ‘Rebellion’ theme is closely entwined with the legend of Robin Hood and tells his story and those of subsequent protests and uprisings such as the Luddites and Chartists. This historic foundation will form the basis for exploring issues around protest and democracy both in Britain and abroad. The ‘Creative City’ theme takes in Nottingham’s rich art collections and the city’s own history of craft and creativity.

Ted Cantle, Chair of the Nottingham Castle Trust, said: “This is an opportunity to put the castle back where it belongs - at the centre ofthe city - and to make it a world class attraction.”

Event is delighted with the news that the Castle’s application was approved and wishes them well with the next phases of the project.