Meet Vincent Van Gogh’s Grand Opening in Beijing June 16, 2016

Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience, an international touring visitor experience, opened to wide acclaim in Beijing, China, on June 15, 2016. Designed by Event Communications in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam in partnership with Artcomm.

Meet Vincent is a fully immersive interactive journey through the turbulent and creative life of Van Gogh based on his own words and paintings.

Visitors can walk through life-size recreations of his powerful paintings, sit on his bed in the house in Arles, lounge on the haystacks of Saint-Rémy, eavesdrop on fights between Van Gogh and Gauguin, stroll through the halls of the Saint-Paul Asylum. At each step, they are guided by Vincent as he narrates his hopes, dreams and intense yearnings in passages taken directly from letters written by the artist and those who loved him.

“It was a great privilege to attend the opening of the Meet Vincent Van Gogh experience in central Beijing,” says James Alexander, Event’s CEO. “Hosted by Wai Chun Culture, attended by the Dutch Ambassador to China and with music from the International Asia Music Philharmonic Orchestra, the event was a huge success. This is the Van Gogh Museum’s first venture in the region and it was a pleasure to have been part of the process. The exhibition looked magnificent and is a credit to the team at Event who worked so hard to make it come to life.”

Axel Rüger, Director of the Vincent Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam explains that “Meet Vincent van Gogh is the only official Van Gogh Experience created by the Van Gogh Museum. Compared to other travelling initiatives focused on Van Gogh, Meet Vincent van Gogh goes a step further. It is a complete Experience in which education and entertainment go hand in hand.It is a journey through his life in six chapters, based on the extensive knowledge and expertise of the Van Gogh Museum’s curators and Education Department.”

Peter Tabernal, CEO of Artcomm and Managing Director of the exhibition: “We’ve considered an entirely different experience for this exhibition. Visitors can see, hear, touch, feel and explore the life of Van Gogh. We are trying to help visitors step into Vincent’s life and artwork is only part of the background”.

Meet Vincent Van Gogh is a new approach to presenting the life and work of Van Gogh, and responds to the still-growing worldwide interest in him. Inspired by his paintings, this multi-sensory, immersive and highly detailed exhibition enables visitors to explore his intensively productive life as they encounter large-scale projections of paintings, photographs and films, multimedia interactives, theatrical mise-en-scène, all accompanied by quotations from the more than 800 surviving letters sent and received by Vincent. Visitors can also create their own masterpieces inspired by Vincent by ‘painting’ on large interactive screens.

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