Image - Titanic Belfast – In Print And Soon On Film

Titanic Belfast – In Print And Soon On Film

A recent publication about Belfast - Relaunching Titanic, Memory and Marketing in the New Belfast - considers how the legacy of the Titanic is helping to shape a ‘post-conflict’ narrative about the city and its past.

​Event designed the exhibition that tells the story of the ship. It is located in the Titanic Signature Building on the site of Belfast’s Harland & Wolff shipyards, birthplace of the Titanic.

James Alexander, Event’s CEO and a key member of the project team from its earliest phase, has contributed a chapter entitled Titanic Belfast–City of Experience: Belfast’s Titanic Signature Project.

Aimed at people who are charged with ‘placemaking’ in cities around the world, the publication was edited by three scholars of the urban landscape: William J.V Neill, Michael Murray and Berna Gist. The book is published by Routledge – see the full description here:

And watch this space for more information about an upcoming documentary about the building. James is joined by designers Steve Simons and Steve Lumby to talk about this world class project, which welcomed visitors from 111 countries in its first six months alone.