Becca Anderson

3D Designer


Becca's diverse background in both architectural and landscape organisations has allowed her to blend various disciplines such as graphics, architecture, design, and experience. Throughout her career, she has been driven by a strong passion for user engagement and visitor experiences, which originally sparked during her final year project at university.

After spending three and a half years in New Zealand, Becca returned to the UK to pursue her career in the museum and heritage sector. Her deep appreciation for narrative and storytelling led her to embark on a personal project in Queenstown. She sought to educate individuals about the importance of preserving heritage and how it can positively impact future generations. By combining her architectural and design skills with her love for storytelling, Becca was able to create a project that not only celebrated Queenstown's history but also served to inspire and empower individuals to actively participate in shaping a better future.


BA, Interior Architecture & Design, Arts University Bournemouth