Global reach, local impact.

Carlsberg has a global influence as “probably the best beer in the world” but has also played a pivotal role in shaping Copenhagen’s cultural identity – from sports through to music, architecture and the arts as influenced by the Carlsberg Foundations – with almost 30 percent of Carlsberg's dividends going to science, the arts, and communities in Denmark.

The Carlsberg team wanted a holistic vision for their extraordinary heritage site, a way to connect their past with the future of the brand, and a great new visitor attraction that mixed exciting experiences with first-class heritage interpretation. We proposed a design concept that considered the site in totality. Assessing the historic brewhouse complex, we charted the story that the architecture tells – with different ‘threads’ that lead visitors through the spaces: one exploring the brewing process, another showcasing pioneering research science and a third following the founders’ story.

Images: Daniel Rasmussen


Meshing a contemporary visitor experience into a heritage listed building.

​​The experience takes place across four floors in the grainstore, malter, boiler room and brewhouse buildings. The journey unfolds across interconnected themed chapters where visitors learn about the brewing process and the science behind beer through hands-on games and interactives. It starts with an exploration of the story of Carlsberg's founders, J.C. Jacobsen and his son Carl Jacobsen, before delving into the pioneering scientific research that paved the way for the Carlsberg we know today.

In each area, displays link heritage stories and materials with contemporary content and brand materials, mixing classic setworks with cutting-edge digital installations – with AV moments across the space. Materials for displays were carefully considered to work with the listed heritage site – from timber, copper and glass reflecting the brewing history and equipment, through to corian and steel to distinguish new structures from the heritage context.

What results is an experience thst transcends the physical site, with a partner exhibition on the web that is connected to a series of digital memories that visitors can collect via their RFID ticket wristbands – allowing them to save images, videos, scores, and bookmark their favourite beers while also integrating with the retail offer. The experience culminates with a refreshing drink of Carlsberg, giving visitors a moment to reflect on the history and legacy behind Denmark's most iconic beer.


The experience unravels the rich heritage story of the founders and their values.

The experience is divided into four narrative chapters: The Story, The Science, The Reach, The Serve.

Visitors move through a series of theatrical storytelling spaces, each bringing to life a key moment in Carlsberg’s history. Each story serves as a point of departure for exploring the values upheld by the founders. A series of striking scientific installations cover the space, inviting exploration and play. Here, visitors are invited to get hands-on with the science that goes into the pursuit of that Carlsberg brew. The reach of the brand is celebrated in takeover AV moments across the space, providing interactive sharing moments which facilitate conversation between the brand and visitor. The Serve is a moment to share a Carlsberg with us among the incredible bottle collection. The design and layout of this space is huge. Visitors have chance to enjoy their complimentary beer whilst browsing the famous bottle collection free-flow and at leisure.

Five years in the making, the ambitious modern museum goes beyond the standard brewery visitor centre with elements showcasing science, collaboration, history, heritage and culture.

Laura Hall, Time Out


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