One of Ireland’s national treasures

The Old Library is one of Ireland’s national treasures. Renowned for the Book of Kells and its breathtaking Long Room, it sees more than one million visitors every year. But it has come under threat and faces significant conservation challenges. Trinity College Dublin have been forced to close the Old Library while it undergoes major new redevelopment works. This will leave the university without one of its greatest touristic assets.

In its place, the university will host a new, interim exhibition – designed by us. Our design for the exhibition will bottle up the essence and soul of the Old Library.

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A financially healthy exhibition

The interim exhibition is crucial to the feasibility of the Old Library redevelopment works. We worked with Trinity College to deliver an Exhibition Strategy and Feasibility Study in 2021. Our study assessed the exhibition’s financial viability as well as delivering a suite of concepts for the exhibition. The final solution, decided by a range of stakeholders, was an immersive storytelling journey housed in a purpose-built, temporary structure located in the heart of Trinity’s campus.


Trinity in a Box

Our concept for the interim exhibition sees the exhibition as a treasure chest of Trinity College stories full of people and objects that come to life around you. The new, temporary structure offers the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology and immersive storytelling techniques to create moments of magic, surprise and delight. Cases of books stand still until they begin to move. Busts look harmless until they spring to life and begin talking to you.

The interim exhibition is scheduled opened in 2023 and will be open for three years.

This wild illumination of the New Testament, full of gilded curls and coils, is one of the most ecstatic artworks ever – and now it’s gone gloriously immersive.

Jonathan Jones, The Guardian


Trinity College Dublin


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