One of mother nature’s must-see masterpieces

The Giant’s Causeway is one of mother nature’s greatest works of art. It boasts a unique geology, rich ecology and wealth of cultural heritage. Once said to be the stomping ground of giants, it is now a haven for wildlife with breathtaking views out to sea. As Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the province’s most popular, must-see tourist destinations.

We worked with the National Trust to develop a new visitor centre, complete with immersive media and personalised stories, and to interpret this majestic landscape.

Images: Hufton + Crow


Linking people to place

The National Trust’s mission – to create links between people and place – was the bedrock of our interpretative approach. We tell the Causeway’s story through three groups: geologists, ecologists and storytellers. Voiced by experts, well-known personalities and National Trust staff, they appear throughout the experience – from interactives to graphics.

The characters reveal stories of science, man and myth. Hear fables about Finn McCool, the Irish giant who built the Causeway as a bridge to Scotland to fight his arch nemesis, learn about the site’s volcanic foundations or simply appreciate its stunning natural beauty.

Image: Hufton + Crow


Interpretive trails lead you through the landscape

Your journey starts in the visitor centre. Here, you are introduced to the geologists, ecologists and storytellers who guide you throughout the experience. You then enter an immersive audio-visual experience that places you at the centre of the landscape’s dramatic geological formation. Volcanic lava hisses, and cracks zigzag across the surfaces as the earth cools and columns of rock form around you. An interactive aerial map puts the coast at your fingertips, allowing you to explore the entire landscape in one fell swoop.

You are then led along trails through the landscape itself. Handheld audio devices draw you to special points of interest and connect up different ‘pause points’. Here, you can see sculptural installations, enjoy live interpretation or simply rest your feet and take in the magnificent view.


UK’s Best Heritage Attraction, British Travel Awards 2016


National Heritage Award and Award of Excellence


RIBA Stirling Prize 2013




Heneghan Peng Architects


National Trust Northern Ireland