Reach, revenue, reputation

Pilsner Urquell is the pride of the Czech Republic. It is woven into the nation’s fabric, impossible to pick apart from Czech culture. It is the original pilsner lager that has gone on to inspire more than 70% of the world’s beer. As the birthplace of Pilsner Urquell, the Plzeň brewery is the spiritual home of the brand - every drop of Pilsner Urquell comes from this brewery. The brewery has the potential to becomes the brand’s shining beacon, a celebration of Czech culture and a site that connects the city of Plzeň to the rest of the world.

Inspired by our success at the Guinness Storehouse, we envisioned how to transform Plzeň’s brewery into the Czech Republic’s must-see destination, bringing its history to life and connecting those who drink the beer with those who make it. It had a powerful pull: it promised to be the best place in the world to have a pint of Pilsner.


The beating heart of Plzeň

Our vision for the attraction was much more than a brewery tour. It had all the ingredients to become the beating heart of the city – a concoction of event stages, shops, bars, restaurants, gardens, an outdoor cinema and a showcase for public art all on the doorstep of the brewery itself. Like a city in microcosm, each site had its own identity and unique experience, but they were all tied together by three unifying themes: originality, pride and togetherness.

We envisioned an attraction that would become a point of pride – a place where the nation’s very identity is celebrated. But perhaps more important than that, it would be a place of togetherness. Where community is key, where the people who drink the beer come together with those who make it.


A world of stories

The focal point of our 'city within a city' concept was the Story Brewhouse. The star of the show, the Story Brewhouse would be a conversation with the brand and a cast of Pilsner people through time. Visitors meet the people behind the brewery - many who are 3rd or 4th generation employees, working with ingredients that come from within a 40 miles radius and whose craft is taught and practised on site, by hand.

The brand's story is told through the people who made it happen, from the very first drop of Pilsner to where we are today. Meet the burghers and original brewers of Plzeň. Sit down with Vaclav Mirwalk, the Golden Eagle innkeeper, and hear his beer manifesto. Have a drink with Josef Groll, the original master brewer who came up with the ingredients and techniques that are still used today. Finally, end the experience with a drink of Pilsner Urquell.