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ROSHN are a housing and community developer on a mission to create 400,000 new homes by 2030 across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But they are not just building places for people to live, they are building a new way of life that goes beyond the front doors. They are focused on creating communities and forging neighbourhoods across the Kingdom that are more connected, more open and more conducive to family life and values.

We are helping ROSHN on their mission. We have developed the ROSHN Experience Centre – a new showroom that celebrates the company’s upcoming Riyadh development and converts potential customers into ROSHN homeowners.

Images of the homes ROSHN are building.

Photo credit: ROSHN


An emotional story

The sales journey becomes a story. It is human and emotional; it turns you, the customer, into the protagonist, inspiring you to imagine your new home and showing you what your new life could look like. It is an experience about planning for your future and designing the life you want. It’s not a journey to buying a house – it’s a journey home.

The sales story has two chapters. The first chapter is ROSHN Lifestyle Showroom. This is a high-impact, open and communal experience that excites you about the possibility of a ROSHN lifestyle and inspires you to start imagining a new way of life. An animated scale model shows the Riyadh development while an open Apple-store-style space lets you talk to advisors, the human face of ROSHN. Here, you can talk to everyone from house planners to financial advisors, all with the aim of demystifying the house-buying process.


Step inside your new home

The second chapter of the sales story is Your Journey Home. This is a more personalised experience where you can select the features of your new home. The space evokes architectural and design studios with a rich array of tactile samples that let you browse interior schemes, compare colours and touch samples. What finishes will your new kitchen have? What will it feel like to sit on your perfect couch? Spaces for tea and coffee make you feel at home while digital tools let you imagine your new home. You can sit at an interactive table and choose different room layouts, select architectural features and create a customised visual mood board for your new home. A highlight of the experience is visiting your dream home via virtual reality.

This is a showroom experience like no other. It has raised the bar for what it means to go ‘house shopping’ and revolutionised the sales journey for big brands.


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