Secrets and Spies

Bletchley Park

In 2012 Event was commissioned to deliver a Masterplan for the development of the visitor destination at Bletchley Park, home of the code breakers of World War II. The resulting proposals formed the basis of a bid for capital funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

​Following a successful HLF bid, Event was called on to deliver the interpretive approach, which responds to the importance of Bletchley Park as a place where history was made.

Bletchley Park, once ‘the world’s best kept secret’, played a crucial role in codebreaking and intelligence during Britain’s efforts in the Second World War. Due to the level of secrecy surrounding it, Bletchley Park’s story was never told and the huts which were home and office to its personnel fell into disrepair. Following painstaking conservation and restoration, Bletchley Park has been brought back to life.

Drawing on the many stories of the people who worked there, it presents the dynamism of the site in its most intense period of intelligence, code-breaking and discovery. It also explores the poignancy and sensitivity behind the history-making and the effect that working there had on personal and family life.

Visitors uncover the mathematical and technological breakthroughs which make Bletchley Park significant to all our lives.

The accent is as much on preserving a palpable sense of place as on the interpretation of objects, be they diaries of scientists and analysts or the dramatic Enigma or Bombe machines.

Project type

Heritage / Visitor Attraction

Scope of works

  • Masterplanning
  • Funding Bid Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Direction
  • Construction Management




Milton Keynes


2010 - 2014

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