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Gaelic Athletic Association Museum, Croke Park

Since 1884 the Gaelic Athletic Association’s mission has been to preserve the traditions of Gaelic Games and promote Irish sports and culture at home and abroad.

​As Ireland’s principal stadium, Croke Park has been home to the GAA and at the heart of Irish sporting life for over a hundred years.

The renewed museum begins by taking visitors through the history of the GAA. An immersive audiovisual sets the scene and highlights historic and recent landmark matches.

Exhibits illustrating the development of Gaelic Games showcase powerfully evocative artefacts.

Over forty multimedia displays make extensive use of film and photographic archives and introduce athletes, club members and the people from all over Ireland who give so freely of their time to sustain the GAA.

​The Museum provides a rounded experience which encourages repeat visitation. It embraces GAA fans as well as overseas tourists who wish to experience a distinctive aspect of Irish culture.

Project type


Scope of works

  • Interpretative Planning
  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Direction
  • Construction Management




Croke Park, Dublin


2010 - 2013

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‘“Event tackled a complicated two stage programme with enthusiasm and creativity. Thanks to their open communication and careful planning, the Museum was able to remain fully operational during the installation period. Innovative design solutions informed by a solid understanding of the GAA resulted in an exciting and engaging offer which remains true to our unique Heritage. “

Mark Dorman
Museum Director, GAA Museum

Event testimonial - Mark Dorman