New Life for a Great Institution

Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery

Kelvingrove is the UK’s most visited museum outside London and a much-loved part of Glasgow’s public, social and cultural life. Its collections are encyclopaedic, ranging from Natural History to Human History, Ancient Egypt to Expressive Arts, Dinosaurs to Botticelli and Benin bronzes.

​In renewing Kelvingrove, Event’s task was not only to realise Glasgow’s vision for a highly accessible and educational museum. It was also to provide Kelvingrove with the capacity to respond to its visitors’ interests in the future by presenting outstanding collections in new configurations with new insights and stories.

The design for Kelvingrove is premised on the concept of holistic flexibility. This starts from an interpretive approach where overarching themes embrace groups of objects which tell discrete stories.

​It is realised through the creation of a Flexible Display System, proportioned and configured to echo the rhythm of the galleries.

In Kelvingrove Event has designed a museum which has the capacity to reconfigure, as objects and stories address different sectors of Glasgow’s audiences.

Reviewed by Elaine Heumann Gurian in Curator, 2007, “There are a few memorable paradigm-shifting museums that come along in any lifetime. I think of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Te Papa: The National Museum of New Zealand; and the Guggenheim Bilbao. They are directed by chief executives who have vision and audacity. I add Kelvingrove to the list.”

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Scope of works

  • Funding Bid Support
  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design




Glasgow, Scotland


2004 - 2006

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‘Event has made an absolutely critical contribution to this success and we are very grateful to the team for their creativity, dedication and flair. They really engaged, both intellectually and imaginatively, with the huge range of subjects on display and have produced results which combine accessibility and quality to a very high degree.’

Bridget McConnell
Executive Director (Culture & Sport) Glasgow City Council