Observations of a Genius

Leonardo: the Codex Leicester, Chester Beatty Library

The Codex Leicester is an autograph manuscript by da Vinci, containing his observations on the nature and property of water. It formed a powerful centrepiece to this exhibition, and was supported by material relating to the intellectual background of da Vinci’s time.

​Event’s design response took particular account of stringent conservation requirements for the Codex, as well as the desire that the custom designed showcases be reusable.

​Backlit graphic elements introduced a sense of lightness, fluidity and movement. Interactive displays enabled visitors to examine the fragile documents in depth.

Project type


Scope of works

  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Construction Management







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‘The Leonardo Exhibition has attracted high praise for its design and presentation and its open plan nature held up very well to the public footfall.

May I take this opportunity once again, of thanking the Event team for all that they have achieved on our behalf.’

Dr. Michael Ryan
Director, Chester Beatty Library