Earth in All Its Diversity

Our Dynamic Earth

Britain’s first Landmark Millennium Project, Our Dynamic Earth is located in a Michael Hopkins designed building at the end of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Displays tackle three fundamental scientific questions: How the world was made, How it works and What can go wrong.

Working with a team of scientific experts, Event conceived, designed and delivered the attraction as a magical journey through time and through the world’s ecosystems.

Our Dynamic Earth integrates resources from the BBC’s Natural History archives, the National Geographic archives and others to create a series of multimedia environments which explore the wonder of life and the effects of human species upon it.

A planetarium, complete with a commissioned symphonic soundtrack, forms a memorable finale.

Project type

Heritage / Visitor Attraction

Scope of works

  • Strategy and Feasibility
  • Funding Bid Support
  • Interpretative Planning
  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Direction







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‘Dynamic Earth attraction, 4,500 million years in the making, delivered on time, on budget, and to a world class standard. Well done Event, for creativity, for professionalism, and yes, dynamism. ’

Julia Fawcett
CEO, Our Dynamic Earth