Trade, Power and Progress in Amsterdam


The National Maritime Museum Amsterdam takes a bold approach to gaining wider audiences by creating differing exhibition presentations for specific target audiences.

The Event designed theme galleries are aimed at families and young people, particularly ten to fourteen year olds. Interpretation and narrative display techniques are selected to appeal to this segment.

​In Shipping and Trade in the Golden Age, visitors progress, via waterways, from the countryside through Amsterdam to open sea. Enlarged details from paintings and prints give a taste of the 17th century and contextualise the objects. Audiovisual elements support the mood, be it the bustling nature of the port or the drama of war at sea. Custom-made films of Golden Age personalities are projected on walls, bringing people and period to life. Conversational exchanges, rooted in historical sources, appeal directly to the young audience.

Port Today connects visitors to a port no longer at the centre of Amsterdam.The introduction testifies to recent history and leads to an animated model of the contemporary port, running the entire length of the gallery. Projections of shipping traffic and port activities set the scene, while touch screens explore complex operations.

Next comes a high impact immersive ride. A container is lifted into the air, its sides fall away, and young visitors are transported from ship to port to supermarket. The journey brings home the varied products arriving in the port of Amsterdam which are an everyday part of life.

Project type


Scope of works

  • Interpretative Planning
  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Construction Management


Amsterdam, Netherlands


2008 - 2011

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‘In developing our Dutch Golden Age and Amsterdam Port exhibition, it was a real pleasure working with the highly professional, creative and committed Event design group.

The results are outstanding exhibitions that contain excellent audiovisual productions. The character stations are like Dutch 17th century paintings; works of art.’

Linda Mol
Head of Exhibitions and Interpretation at Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam