The gateway to Welsh heritage

St Fagans National History Museum of Wales

St Fagans National History Museum is a unique and emotive starting point for a discovery of Welsh history. The open-air Museum is Wales’ most-visited attraction with over 600,000 visitors a year. The Museum explores and honours the lives and stories of ordinary people: consequently, the people of Wales have always felt a sense of ownership over Amgueddfa Werin Cymru (the people’s museum). It is a locus of Welsh identity, culture and language – characteristics that distinguish it from any other heritage site.

Event’s designs focus on three new galleries bring together the national collections of history and archaeology to create fresh perspectives on Welsh history.

The Wales Is… Gallery explores what makes Wales Wales. Dynamic and always changing, this gallery echoes the evolution of the Welsh nation. It seeks to involve visitors and users in the curation of Welsh history. Visitors can claim ownership over the space by joining in conversations with curators, each other and the wider world. Opportunities exist throughout to share images, thoughts, opinions and experiences both inside the gallery and after the gallery visit via social media platforms that will provide new content to the fabric of the gallery experience for the next visitor.

Entering an environment rich in collections within The Life Is… Gallery, visitors encounter seemingly familiar objects that on closer inspection reveal surprising stories. The social history of Wales is vividly told through the lives of objects and those who owned and used them. Interactive elements within the displays encourage visitors to reflect on the past and recognise themselves in the experiences and accounts of Welsh people whose previous daily lives offer numerous connections with life in the present.

The Gweithdy Gallery, is housed in an iconic, multi-purpose sustainable building designed by Fielden Clegg Bradley. This new gallery/activity space is a celebration of the skills of makers past and present, and encourages visitors of all ages to experience traditional skills first-hand. These enable visitors to draw inspiration from the techniques of past craftspeople and use the flexible space to make artefacts that express their own experience. Displays of artefacts and tools are presented in a dynamic arrangement that represent the various making processes, with some objects available on open display to demonstrate different stages of making. Visitors can touch a bowl in the process of being turned, for instance, or compare the feel of different types of wood.

Our vision for St Fagans was for it to be recognised locally and further afield as the definitive place that hosts and facilitates multiple perspectives on the experiences that have shaped Wales, and those that continue to shape Wales. It is where everyone is invited to get involved in “making history, to make a difference, together”.

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Cardiff, Wales


2010 - 2018

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