The County Encased

The Collection: Art & Archaeology in Lincolnshire

Built of stone and concrete, Lincolnshire’s museum of archaeology and art has picture windows framing the city of Lincoln and its magnificent Cathedral. At the heart of the main gallery, in a circular space, is a veritable pantheon of excavators, amateur and professional: large images include a metal detectorist, a flint collector, some young diggers and the City Archaeologist, holding aloft a particularly fine piece of Roman pottery.

The Collection ranges from the fossilised skeleton of a plesiosaur, through Iron Age log boats and the timbers of an Iron Age causeway over wetlands, to Roman gravestones and Saxon hanging bowls. Showcased displays are interspersed with settings such as the corner of an ancient round house, and a section of wetland, looking wonderful against the views the of Lincolnshire fens outside. A satellite map of Lincolnshire involves visitors in their own place and encourages them to share information about the towns, villages and landscapes that make up the county.​

The mix of cased objects, recreated settings and hands-on activities offers many opportunities for involvement and participation. A long showcase containing 5,500 model Roman soldiers of the Ninth Legion marching on Lincoln appeals to anyone with an eye for military spectacle.

Beneath their feet visitors can see a Roman mosaic discovered during excavations on the site. The educational benefits of dressing up are fully exploited in an inner core of interpretation and activity. Young visitors can try on a centurion’s helmet and test the weight of his kit bag, “become” a knight in shiny chain mail or a Saxon lady.

A panoramic audio-visual presentation conveys connections between archaeological discoveries and the lives of people in both the past and the present. High resolution computer graphics are coupled with live action sequences and an encompassing soundscape to create a multimedia blend that is interpretive, exciting and unique.​

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Scope of works

  • Interpretative Planning
  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Direction
  • Contract Management




Lincoln, UK


2003 - 2005

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