Kings and Commoners

Waterford Museum of Treasures, The Granary

Waterford Museum of Treasures illustrates the rich character and history of Ireland’s oldest city. It celebrates the contribution of successive waves of migrants and their legacies, expressed through political, cultural, industrial, ecclesiastical, sporting and educational achievements.

The ‘treasures’ are Waterford’s uniquely important collections, which include the magnificently illustrated Charter Roll and Henry VIII’s Cap of Maintenance. These artefacts tell the stories of people engaged in great events as well as going about their everyday activities.

Nothing is more eloquent in this respect than the great anchor that symbolises Waterford’s marriage with the sea. Original timbers from a Viking ship combine with an audiovisual to evoke the experience of some of the earliest people to settle in Waterford.

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Scope of works

  • Interpretative Planning
  • Exhibition Design and Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Design and Construct






1996 – 1998

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‘The exhibition brings to life the unique collection of architectural and historical artefacts that are used to trace the history of Ireland's oldest city from its Viking origins to the late 19th century. The close co-operation that existed between Event and the museum curators worked superbly. Congratulations to all involved!’

Eamonn McEneaney
Director, Waterford's Museum of Treasures